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Our opinion on the 'Have Your Say!' platform

Our analysis of the 'Have Your Say!'' platform revealed challenges in accessibility, transparency and outreach.

The Portal2EU team found that the platform is difficult to use and have full access to users without technical or specialist knowledge, lacked transparency in several key aspects, did not have proper accommodation for marginalised and/or underrepresented demographics, and did not engage the general public. To address these issues, Portal2EU proposes measures to improve the user friendliness of the interface, maximise citizen participation

Among our recommendations, we advise the following:

Enhancements in both conceptual and technical aspects related to accessibility, transparency, and engagement will establish a platform that can reach a wider audience. This, in turn, will facilitate increased civic participation among European residents, leading to a European Commission that is better equipped to address the needs of the public. By achieving this, the 'Have Your Say!' platform has the potential to become the central pillar of a more democratically resilient and prosperous EU.

Our report is available in two formats! You can find the link below to download the report, or in the next section a link is avaiable without downloading!

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