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Making Europe a better place

How do you bridge together a group of leading PhD students, from disciplines from classics, law, political science, business, history, computer science, communication? Well, this is the Euroapeum's objective.

The Europaeum is a network of 19 of Europe’s leading universities, including Bologna, Leiden and Oxford. For the past three decades the Europaeum has specialised in bringing together master’s and doctoral candidates from across Humanities and Social Sciences with on-academic stakeholders for short scientific events. We are part of the Scholar's programme.

The Scholar's programme The Europaeum’s flagship Scholars Programme for high-achieving doctoral candidates was launched in 2017. Two cohorts of Scholars have now completed it. The aim of the Programme is to provide these individuals, who are deeply committed to making Europe a better place, with the knowledge, skills and experience to help them become leaders in their field and to better understand the policy landscape. They take eight modules over two years alongside their existing doctoral studies, during which time they hear from practitioners and policy makers in a range of fields, undertake institutional visits, receive professional training, reflect on their professional ethics and work in multidisciplinary groups on policy projects of their own design.

18 months, 8 modules

We are a group of PhD candidates and researchers working together within an interdisciplinary approach. We strive to improve digital public consultations in the European Union.

Our group includes a multitude of disciplines such as computer science, international law, political science, international relations, digital government, communication, and classics. We have produced a set of recommendations to improve the EU’s ‘Have Your Say!’ platform.

The founding pillars of our recommendations are simple: increased accessibility, increased transparency and increased outreach. These three elements are crucial for the EU to improve its online public consultation system and thereby address criticism regarding its democratic legitimacy.

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